Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello blog world!

I’ve always been against blogs.  They always seem so self indulgent.  Why would anyone want to hear more of what I have to say?  What I’m finding is people actual do want to hear a little bit extra especially when it comes to beekeeping.  It’s an art form that really hasn’t changed in over a hundred years and yet recently it is coming under attack by pests and unknown diseases.  Right now it’s harder than ever to successfully keep your colonies alive year after year.  Ironically, we are experiencing a major influx of new beekeepers wanting to try their hands at this classic pastime. 

Even though I’ve been trying my hand for 4 years now, I’m part of this influx.  Us “newbees” are all dying for information and tips.  Since it’s so hard to pinpoint the exact problem with the bees it’s really anyone’s game…even the rookies.  For once, even the old timers with all the experience are scratching their heads. 

I believe this is an exciting time in the beekeeping world.  From great defeat is born great success.  The varroa mite is showing us all our weaknesses.  The small hive beetle is telling us we can’t run a hive with low populations.  The wax moth is telling us not to oversuper and get lazy.

If I can pass on any little tidbit I’ve learned then this blog is a success. I don’t claim to be all knowing, but I do claim to be part of the process.  We need more conversation, more ideas.  We need each other.  This is where my blog is born.  Happy reading.

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